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There you are!

Kia Ora and welcome we have been expecting you. Let's take a moment to look at why you came.

So you are SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired. You want loving and meaningful relationships. You yearn to live fearlessly. You are talented and skilled and want to increase your confidence. You really want to live and enjoy life. You want to find peace of mind and happiness. You want to be you, but who are You?  That is not too much to ask for and it is the right of every man, woman and child.

Relax, you have come to the right place. We are here to help. 

With insightful facilitators providing a world class experience in a unique, idyllic waterfront setting - our Centre is situated on the northern shores of Lake Rotoiti, Bay of Plenty, cloaked by hundreds of acres of Maori tribal land that assures your complete privacy and anonymity. Majestic lake views, glorious night skies, wild winter winds or magical serenity you will find peace and harmony here. 

Our Passion is Your Awakening to your Highest Potential

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Kia ora ....I absolutely love these (meditation downloads) and feel such gratitude for having Meryl’s guidance and spirit in my daily life. These are such a treasure. Kirsten 



Close to Death, Closer to God

Meryl Yvonne is no ordinary woman. From a young age she experienced things of an "otherworldly" nature. Farmers world bring their ailing lambs to her for healing and to this day she continues as kaitiaki (guardian) of the animal kingdom. She has always had dreams that being powerful messages. Throughout her life she has listened to her inner guidance.

This book is the story of Meryl's journey and the life experiences that initiated her spiritual awakening.  Some gently raised her level of consciousness, while others-when facing death-catapulted her beyond human endurance into her unwavering faith of the metaphysical realm. And in facing death, she receives her greatest understanding of life: humanity and the One Supreme Presence is one and the same.

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