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Education & Training at Waimarama


with Manu Neho

To The Self
Allow the space Don’t refill it
Release possessions
Without repossessing
Step into the void
Without fear of the unknown
See what gifts emerge
From simplicity
Focus your sight through eyes of love And master acceptance of others In this there is true peace

Meryl Yvonne


“We have come too far not to go further
We have done too much not to do more”


-Sir James Henare of Ngati Hine



Education programmes 

  • Spirit and Mind Consciousness
  • Couple and family group solutions
  • Meditation tuition 
  • Cange your mind, change the outcome
  • Heal/manage existing illness
  • Light. Growth. Development. Prosperity. Opportunity. Experience. Realisation of Potential. This is the cycle of Being.

Professional Development and Training

Presenting For Kaupapa Maori Organisations  and those Corporate and Satutory Organisations  who want a clear cultural perspective.

A Staff Development Wananga - Working 'By Design NOT By Default'

This programme with Purposeful intent will;

  • Revitalise your team
  • Give understanding to Mauritau - The concept of Confidence with clarity.
  • Use Wairua and Aio with existing  frameworks - The use of spiritual peace to increase efficacy of existing frameworks.
  • Understand the puprose of communication for increased clear communication skills. 
  • Create more productive environments.
  • Insist upon a Qualitative Service.
  • Affirm a Quantitative Service. 
  • Emphasise  Quality Service Delivery through AROHA - The art of recognising I AM and YOU ARE for professional delivery.
  • Create Peaceful  and Harmonious work spaces
  • The outcome is a team that chooses to work ‘By Design Not By Default’

To find out More information.

How you can book a programme? 

How, Where, When and How Much?

email. or call 073624118 or 021705120



Meditation is held every Sunday morning at 9am. This is open to anyone who wishes to come.






When personal development is ongoing the enhancement of professional delivery is a natural occurrence. Manu Neho.


  • Individuals Whanau/Families
  • Hapu
  • Community Groups 
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Corporate Sector 
  • Public sector
  • School B.O.T
  • Schools - Staff and Pricipal
  • Sports Teams and Individuals



"You can not solve a problem with the same mindset that created it."

 Albert Einstein