Waimarama International Healing and Education Centre

C O V I D  P O L I C Y

Vaccinated or not you must produce a negative RAT test the morning of your session and wear a mask.

If you arrive without a mask we will provide one.



There you are!

Kia Ora and welcome we have been expecting you. Let's take a moment to look at why you came.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you want loving, meaningful relationships and to live fearlessly with confidence? Is it time to find peace of mind and your innate joy?  That is not too much to ask for. It is your natural state when your energy is connected.

Relax, you have come to the right place. We are here to help.

With insightful facilitators providing a world-class experience in a unique, idyllic waterfront setting.  Our Centre is situated on the northern shores of Lake Rotoiti, Bay of Plenty, cloaked by hundreds of acres of Maori tribal land that assures your complete privacy and anonymity. Majestic lake views, glorious night skies, wild winter winds or magical serenity you will find peace and harmony here.

Healing at Waimarama

with Meryl Yvonne

Education & Training at Waimarama

with Manu Neho

HCG Body Detox

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Close to Death, Closer to God

True stories of spiritual awakenings

written by Meryl Yvonne