Bali Retreat

Waimarama International Presents

‘A Gathering of Peers ‘ in Blissful Bali


Have you yearned for a place to connect with people like yourself, passionate about raising global frequency?


Do you want the company of people skilled in their field that support you to expand spiritually?


Is it time for you? Respite. Replenishment. Joy.


Waimarama International has dedicated this sacred gathering space, in Bali ‘The Island of the Gods’ We warmly invite you to:

  • Re-energise
  • Connect
  • Be Inspired
  • Honour your spiritual journey.
  • Work at your highest potential.
  • Make a difference.


The time has come to magnify our energy through the power of numbers with focused attention on the healing of Humanity starting with the self.



  • 6 nights in luxury surroundings that costs little more than a holiday.
  • A personal Healing session with Meryl Yvonne.
  • Daily Wananga (teachings and facilitation)
  • Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Temple with sacred walled garden



Meryl Yvonne is a gifted Clear Sentient and has run healing clinics for thirty-five years throughout Australasia.


Manu Neho is a gifted teacher and inspirational speaker. There are times you would swear that the ‘Word of God ‘is speaking directly to you.


To meet these dedicated lightworkers is an opportunity not to be missed.


We invite you to prepare a half-hour presentation to share what you do that assists Global Healing (not compulsory).

Ka AE-tia te Whenua

Ka IO-tia te Rangi

Ka U te Ukaipo


From the Earth we receive Affirmation.

From the Heavens we receive Inspiration.

From the Giver of all Life, we receive Sustenance.


Our Promise:

By the end of the Gathering you will have:

• received a Transformational healing session removing energy blockages for emotional and physical wellbeing.
• greater motivation for personal spiritual practice.
• links to ongoing support within a spiritual family.
So you can be present as an effective conduit of light and love for healing of the self, your family and your community.


Due to COVID 19 Retreats are on hold

email any questions to

Villa, Pool, Teaching Room and Temple Under Renovation.

Program Details



Registration Fee includes

Healing session

With Meryl Yvonne.  See website for testimonials.


Luxury Emerald Villas. A gated and guarded complex within the heart of Sanur, an idyllic beachside setting just a five-minute walk to numerous shops, markets and restaurants.


The Villa has full kitchen facilities, living, dining and a private pool.  You can book a private room with an ensuite or a women’s five-bed poolside room. Villas are serviced daily including laundry.


The venue is wheelchair accessible with ramps throughout the teaching complex, and into the pool. We have two accessible rooms.


Gathering Cost

$2990 NZ per Divine Being. whether double or single occupancy. (approx.$1950 US)

$2595 NZ per Divine Being in women’s 5-bed poolside room. (approx. $1677US)

  • A deposit of $1490NZ is required to secure your place. (Approx. $963 US)
    • Cancellation Policy is base:
      • 100% refund if cancelled thirty (30) days prior to the Gathering
      • Under thirty (30) days non-refundable.
    • There is no charge for two nights’ accommodation before or after the Gathering dates. (total eight nights)
    • To book extra nights please email.


Airport Transfers

Please advise flight details. Arrival must be at least one night prior to commencement of Gathering.

Breakfast and lunch

Please advise specific dietary needs.


Limited spaces for 12 

This is a smoke and alcohol-free event.

Important things to know

Where is the venue for the Retreat?

  • Karang sari #5, Sanur,

Kec. Denpasar Sel,

Kota Denpasar,

Bali 80228


What to wear? 

  • Comfortable white clothing for all sessions.
  • Easy to remove shoes when entering the Temple.

Is the water safe to drink?

  • There will be filtered water in your villa and at the venue.
    • Do not drink tap water.
    • Brush your teeth and wash food using your drinking water.

Is there a supermarket nearby?

  • Out the main entrance walk straight ahead to the end of the lane:
    • “The Bagus Drug Store” is across the road on the corner.
    • Turn left and walk twenty minutes to “Artasedana Sanur”.
    • Turn right and walk fifteen minutes to “Popular Market” and “Fresh Minimart”.

Will there be internet?

  • Each villa has Wi-Fi.

Where can I go to eat?

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served at C6 Villa for the six days of the retreat.
  • Sanur has a plethora of restaurants to choose from minutes from your door.
  • We recommend:
    • Soul in a Bowl at the end of the lane.
    • Turn right to Bali Buda for organic vegetarian options.
    • Turn right on the waterfront to Bali Izakaya for excellent value.

How do I get to the beach?

  • Walk across the road and straight ahead three minutes to the waterfront for picturesque dining, swimming at high tide, various water sports and six kilometres of the paved walking path.

Local Craft Market

  • Turn right and walk for approximately twenty minutes.

What is there to do in my free time?

  • Bali is filled with intriguing sites, including Temples and beautiful parks.
  • Hire a car and driver for the day or half-day from approximately $60NZ ($40US). Book and pay at reception.
  • Enjoy shopping in Ubud for magnificent art and furnishings.


  • Download the Grab app. (it is the Uber of Indonesia) This is a good way of getting around with direct charges to your credit card. Or book at reception.

The Balinese are gracious and humble people with a strong spiritual focus. Please be patient with any language barriers and treat them with kindness.


To register email