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HCG Detox

Dr Simeons original Protocol

At Waimarama International we follow Dr Simeons’ original protocol. The only changes we have made are that we mix vegetables to create lovely salads, casseroles and soups.

We get excellent results AVERAGING 450-500GM (1 LB) LOSS PER DAY. You can expect an average loss of 6.5kg (14lb) – 9kg (20lb) on the 23-day program and 15-18kg (33-40lbs) on the 40-day program.

If you follow ‘The Protocol’ as prescribed you can achieve,

  • Excellent appetite control
  • Weight loss of about 400-500gms (1lb) per day
  • Exciting body reshaping through the elimination of ‘old abnormal fat’.
  • Beneficial health improvement in disorders such as; Hypertension, High cholesterol, Skin diseases, Diabetes control and Arthritis.
  • Improved energy, mobility and circulation.
  • Weight is not rapidly regained. ‘Good’ fat supplies are left untouched so are not immediately replaced when the diet is complete.
  • The resetting of the ‘fat switch’, the Hypothalamus Gland which permanently raises your metabolic rate.



3 days to 1 week Onsite  Coaching and Mentoring HCG programme.

The programme includes HCG drops and all food while on site. This programme will appeal to those of you who have limited willpower or just want the ease of daily assistance. This will be priced according to the days required. Please enquire.


Dr Simeons ran exclusive clinics in Europe whereby he injected the H.C.G and only the wealthy could afford his Protocol. With great surprise and excitement, a homoeopathic version taken as drops under the tongue has been found to be just as effective and is now available to all.

In the 1950s Dr Simeons discovered that when H.C.G was in the system, the body drew extra nutrition from the old stored fat supplies, what he called ‘abnormal’ fat, leaving the ‘good’ fat untouched. This old warehoused fat is activated by H.C.G back into the circulation where it can be accessed. This fantastic discovery means that the fat disappears from all the places you want it to go (hips, thighs, waist) and not from the healthy fat reserves around the face, neck and that which supports the organs. More importantly, because the dissolving fat floods the blood with nutrients you are NOT HUNGRY ON AS LITTLE AS 500 CALORIES PER DAY AND REMAIN ENERGETIC AND WELL. When consuming a caloric intake of only 500 calories daily under a strict but simple eating plan, the body consumes the ’abnormal warehoused fat’ to make up the balance of your caloric needs. Even more exciting is that Dr Simeon taught that his Protocol could turn off the ‘Fat Switch’, the Hypothalamus Gland, so WHEN YOU RESUME ‘NORMAL’ EATING YOU ARE LESS LIKELY TO REGAIN THE WEIGHT YOU HAVE LOST. He maintained that the Hypothalamus could become imbalanced from sudden shock, prolonged stress, even gum disease and required re-setting to prevent the rapid weight gain of the past. As long as there is an imbalance, people experience varying degrees of hunger. The desire to eat can be constant as are thoughts about food. The brain is still getting the message to eat even when the stomach is full. A meal is rarely satisfying for long. They get labelled ‘Greedy’ or ‘Emotional eaters.’ There is a percentage of people who will need to address the emotional issues they are suppressing with food but it is amazing how overeating can disappear when you are not hungry! If you have ever been in awe of people who have to be reminded it is meal time or leave food on their plate as soon as they are full, you will begin to experience this when the Hypothalamus is reset. This is the best possible news for serial dieters.

Why H.C.G?

At some point in our lives, we have all judged either ourselves or people that are obese, as someone who has no discipline around food. They simply eat too much or they eat the wrong food, are lazy and do not exercise enough. This may be true for some, however, those who have tried numerous diets with mind-boggling willpower, know that there is nothing further from the truth. The kilos come off, as for weeks you munch on celery sticks and sweat it out in the gym, only to find as soon as you eat the same as your family and friends it all goes back on, and a bit more for good measure!

“ I have always held that overeating is the result of a disorder, not its cause. There are people who overeat every day and never gain weight and there are those who watch what they eat and easily gain weight.”
Dr.A.T.W Simeons

If you were simply consuming too many fattening foods (high starch and sugars), you could cut these foods out of your diet and you would lose all your excess weight. This does not happen for many who make every effort to lose weight. They then burn their kilojoules through exercise and a low-calorie diet, only to find that they cannot sustain this for any length of time because they feel weak and unwell. The body craves food, for the cells are starving for nutrition and even the most stoic dieter with supersonic willpower will eventually give in. As the body is fed again, it will store in double time every ounce of fat it can, in preparation for any future famine. Your body learned to do this as genetics evolved over thousands of years when food was not so plentiful.

If you are identifying with any of the above, you are going to love Homeopathic H.C.G. (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)


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