Why Personal Development?
When personal
development is
ongoing, the enhancement
of professional delivery
is a natural occurrence.
Manu Neho

Education at Waimarama


  • Spirit and Mind Consciousness.
  • Relationship and family group solutions.
  • Change your mind, change the outcome.
  • Living by Divine Design.
  • Creating your reality through language.
  • The Cycle of Being. With light comes growth, development, prosperity, opportunity and experience to realise potential.



“Manu is an inspirational speaker who purposefully ignores the fluff and articulately focuses on the essence of what it is to be a leader, leading our lives by design and not by default (should we chose)! I highly recommend people take the opportunity to meet, talk and listen to Manu so much, that she is a regular speaker on the many leadership programmes that we facilitate every year.”

Tania Hodges
Managing Director


Professional Development and Training

Presenting For Kaupapa Maori Organisations and those Corporate and Statutory Organisations who want a clear cultural perspective.

A Staff Development Wananga – ‘Working By Design’

This program with Purposeful intent and focused attention will;

  • Revitalise your team
  • Give understanding to Mauritau – The concept of Confidence with clarity.
  • Use Wairua and Aio with existing frameworks – The use of spiritual peace to increase the efficacy of existing frameworks.
  • Understand the purpose of communication for increased clarity.
  • Create more productive environments.
  • Insist upon a Qualitative Service.
  • Affirm a Quantitative Service.
  • Emphasise  Quality Service Delivery through AROHA – The energy of Love in the workspace.
  • Create Peaceful and Harmonious workspaces.

To find out more information.

  • How you can book a program?
  • How, Where, When and How Much?

email. info@waimarama-international.co.nz or call 073624118 or 021705120

S.O.U.L  Conversations

The Souls Oration and Unique Linguistics.

 A new way to communicate

Is not a counseling session, it is a journey into the individual’s language skills, thought process and its impact.  Through this journey, we look at building your  Souls Oration and Unique Linguistics – soul language.

Soul Language Conversations is a process facilitated for individuals. It addresses the misinformation, misappropriation, mismanagement and misinterpretation of self and due to conditioning.  The subtle and blatant messaging through parenting, education, religion and other sectors of social consciousness have an insidious and devastating effect on how we view ourselves.

This determines the way in which we communicate. It is usually to placate others. We say what we think is appropriate for others as we have been taught that it is inappropriate to say what we want or what we really feel.

Frankly, when we think we are speaking our truths we are not. They are garnered with language that limits so as not to appear above our station, as perceived by our contemporaries.

For more information go to the contact page, type SOUL Conversations in the subject line then send.


Cost $345 gst incl.

Online Programs

Personal Growth and Development

Program Titles.

  • The Power of Your Word – Two Sessions.
  • Change your Mind – Change the Outcome – Two Sessions.
  • Living by Design – Six Sessions.
  • Courageous, Conscious Conversations for Responsive Relationships. – Six Sessions.

There is a worksheet for each session and each session is one hour.

For a personal program, the cost is $115 per session. (gst inclusive)

We can do groups of 4 maximum at a cost of $85 (gst inclusive) per person per session.

To book a program email info@waimarama-international.co.nz or call 0800525384.


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