To The Self
When personal
development is
ongoing the enhancement
of professional delivery
is a natural occurrence.
Manu Neho

Education and Training at Waimarama


  • Spirit and Mind Consciousness
  • Couple and family group solutions
  • Meditation tuition
  • Cange your mind, change the outcome
  • Heal/manage existing illness
  • Light. Growth. Development. Prosperity. Opportunity. Experience. Realisation of Potential. This is the cycle of Being.

Professional Development and Training

Presenting For Kaupapa Maori Organisations and those Corporate and Statutory Organisations who want a clear cultural perspective.

A Staff Development Wananga – Working ‘By Design NOT By Default’

This programme with Purposeful intent will;

  • Revitalise your team
  • Give understanding to Mauritau – The concept of Confidence with clarity.
  • Use Wairua and Aio with existing  frameworks – The use of spiritual peace to increase efficacy of existing frameworks.
  • Understand the puprose of communication for increased clear communication skills.
  • Create more productive environments.
  • Insist upon a Qualitative Service.
  • Affirm a Quantitative Service.
  • Emphasise  Quality Service Delivery through AROHA – The art of recognising I AM and YOU ARE for professional delivery.
  • Create Peaceful  and Harmonious work spaces
  • The outcome is a team that chooses to work ‘By Design Not By Default’

To find out More information.

  • How you can book a programme?
  • How, Where, When and How Much?

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