involve non – invasive energy shifts spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with the understanding that a shift in one of these areas affects the whole. A healing session will take from ninety minutes to three hours. You will be fully clothed and this is not a massage. There may be a need to stretch or gently manipulate a muscle to allow the energy to flow.


There are a number of programs offered

  • Personal Programs
    • Individual sessions
      • Self-development
      • Personal Supervision
      • Cultural Supervision
      • Professional Supervision
    • Group Programs
      • Wisdom Circles
      • Living by Design
      • Change your Language Change your life
      • Organizational team building
    • Keynote, specialized delivery
      • Conference
      • Corporate
      • NGO


Close to Death. Closer to God. By Meryl Yvonne

Body Detox

hCG is a homeopathic body detox


New Zealand – To be advised

Bali – To be advised


In the process of clearing the energy field

  • Training program
    • Number of students
    • Duration of program
      • Number of workshops
      • Time frame for completion
      • Cost of training
      • Calendar for training
      • Venue for training


Deep Relaxation

  • A set of 6
  • The first one is free
  • Can be purchased
    • Singularly
    • The set.