What our clients say

Waimarama came into my life when I needed it the most, interestingly at the time, I did not know I needed the support.  Initially, my thoughts were attributed to luck or coincidence but the more time spent with these two talented wahine I soon discovered that this wasn’t true.

I had the pleasure to be guided by both Meryl and Manu.

When I met Meryl my whole body and energy was out of alignment and balance and leaned towards my theoretical thinking rather than my creative side. I was drowning….. Meryl helped the energy flow and regain assurance – so much so, that my hair parted to the opposite side for nearly a month!  Physically I started feeling like myself, I was able to contribute to my world again, as an active participant rather than a spectator.

The majority of my time was spent with Manu.  The 10 online sessions were accessible and flexible to my schedule.  I took part in Manu’s education programme “Living by Design – A Blue Print for Sovereignty” my personal growth and development all founded in Kaupapa Maori principles a uniqueness in itself.

Manu’s work complement Meryl’s work where the choice to take control of one’s life by living intently in the moment and standing in one’s power.  Manu helped me rediscover myself, my strengths and reframing the inner narrative to assist in my daily actions and interactions as a mother and a leader but also my uri whakatupu (future generations).

Manu and Meryl are the people that you want in your corner when times get tough.  They do not sugar coat your reality, they assist in identifying areas of need and help you understand your challenges or complexities without confusion.  The messages you receive from Manu and Meryl are straight and clear.  I highly recommend this duo for wisdom, guidance and support in self and health.

Once again, thank you both for uncovering my power of ‘being’! My words cannot express my gratitude for the time spent with you both.

Ngaa mihi nui

Liz Lewis-Hills – December 2021


When I first came to see Meryl Yvonne, I felt disconnected from the world. I did not want to participate in life, struggled to get out of bed, and felt acute anxiety in public spaces. Most of my thoughts were negative. Meryl explained to me how serious my energy disconnection was and after only two sessions on her table I feel much happier with great physical energy. I am motivated and getting things done! I have been able to leave a draining unhealthy relationship and feel optimistic for my future.

Shade P (Male) 19yr – July 2021

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and found myself at Waimarama Healing in November 2020.

Confused about what I needed to do next Meryl and Manu helped me to find my center with spiritual healing and guidance.

Spiritual healing meant my body and mind had to be in harmony for acceptance, renewal, and growth.

Guidance through Living by Design brought me back to my whakapapa; my wairua, and how that governed everything I did, felt, and believed.

I found my unique self, the person I have always been but had forgotten…now unbridled and living in my own truth.

Ka whāngaia, ka tipu, ka puāwai.


R I’Anson – Taupiri 2021

Manu and Meryl helped me in a time of need and have reminded me of who I am. I came to them at the lowest point of my young years at the referral of someone I trust. When I arrived Meryl and Manu welcomed me with such love and compassion. Meryl helped me uncover traumatic experiences and cleared the blockages that had been created within my body that had led me to a dark place.

A healing journey that has assisted in my spiritual awakening. One of the most spiritual experiences of my 21 years.

This journey of healing and remembering was followed by what I call soul sessions with Manu. These sessions were an amazing way for me to understand and remember who I am. Manu has opened my eyes to a path of greater knowing and it has grounded me. This experience has shown me a path of greater purpose and bliss. A path that I have embarked on and will continue. Waimarama International is indeed a place of enlightenment. Arohanui x.

NS 21 yr Female. October 21

When I met Meryl and Manu I was experiencing extreme emotional overwhelm, fatigue, heart palpitations, hot flushes, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, anxiety and was ‘addicted’ to a toxic relationship.

I was being devalued, disrespected, emotionally, mentally and financially abused and I couldn’t stop going back. It was like watching a horror movie every time I drove back to that situation on my knees.

I am a strong independent professional woman who has fought many ‘demons’ in life but I could not pull myself out of this, I was losing my family, my business and my mind.

My family and I needed help.

 Meryl and Manu worked with me and I released the toxic relationship. I am energetically balanced with none of the symptoms I was experiencing when I sought help.

The components of my life situation are in balance, I am present. I have regained my focus and learned to use my mind as an instrument for clear thought and vocabulary.

You and your family are worth the healing that Meryl and Manu will guide you through.

Terri -Consultant July 21

update 2/11/21

Since the last session with you Meryl, I feel like a veil has lifted. Whatever was sitting in my energy field clouding everything has shifted. I’m back and I’m shocked at the state I had let myself get into over those years. Again I am lost as to where Shade and I would be right now had I not found you and Manu. I have had a few people over the years say that they will help in one way or another but it has never come to fruition.



When coming to see Meryl, I had suffered with very bad headaches for seven months. The pain level was 8 out of 10. I couldn’t concentrate. I have been a tradie for years dissatisfied and unmotivated with work, wanting to teach and heal others. To do what I am passionate about. I also wanted to connect to my taha Maori through my whakapapa and te reo. I felt like a ‘Fake Maori’ and disconnected.

In one session of energy reconnection, I was totally shocked the headaches were completely gone within two days. the other big surprise was that having been a big meat eater I completely went off neat and I am happy with a vegan diet!

I am more relaxed about my future and will work with Manu to assist my life focus and to make connections to my Maori roots.

Jason Kake 39yrs  July 2021


I want to let you know the significant change in my life since working with you. You brought me back into balance and gave me skills to upkeep it.   I am so very grateful to have crossed your path.

You gave me back hope which in turn reignited faith back in myself. My journey is now significantly different.

I’m living in Australia and have been finding my way back to myself, the old self previous to trauma that affected myself and all of the loved ones in my life.

I now am working closely on a relationship with my son in NZ that when I come home to assist in his rehabilitation, will be bringing him to see you as a part of his healing. I am truly grateful for my experience with you.

I am grateful to my beautiful friend Mamae, who led me your way, and my sister Teri who through this has come your way to also have had transformational healing.

I do look forward to again be graced by your presence, thank you Meryl and Manu for creating such a healing environment for myself and my friends to evolve.

Warmest Regards  Helen – September 21

For years my husband and I have worked hard on our marriage through a tonne of counselling sessions, relationship workshops and not to mention the money, sweat and tears that went into it all. Don’t get me wrong, doing the counselling did save our marriage, but the healing we both did working with Meryl and Manu has saved us.

When we made the choice to seek counselling, we believed it was our marriage that needed healing. Since having had the amazing opportunity to work with Meryl and Manu, we quickly realised that we, as individuals, needed the healing. The work we did on ourselves has truly given us what we have both been longing for in our marriage…Peace & Sovereignty. Ngā mihi nui kōrua

Jo & Jase Kake Oct 21


It has taken me some time to find words that can convey the deep gratitude I feel for Meryl & Manu. The work that these incredibly inspiring women co-create with the Divine is miraculous. 


In June 2021 I could hardly cope with my life and the weight of what I had experienced. I knew of Meryl & booked myself an appointment for healing.  I had nothing left in my tank. I was bone tired and was struggling to find my way. 


Meryl’s guides greeted me days before my first session and as they began to work within my field I began to purge. I cried thousands of tears. I fell to my knees and I prayed for relief and the only way out was through my grief. I cried many tears that day as my body purged and prepared for healing. 


The day of my healing session I hit on the road early & travelled to Okere Falls.  When Meryl greeted me at the front door of her glorious home I felt instantly more at ease. Making my way up the stairs to her healing room I felt nervous and also I felt deeply held by the elementals and by my guides. I knew I was where my soul needed to be to experience some relief. 


It took one session only to feel like a revived & more at peace human. I felt joyful and excited about my life again. I have been to see Meryl 3 times to continue to clear and open up my chakras.

The work she has done to clear trauma from my field has been tremendous. 


I wake up every day knowing that I survived something truly traumatic and heartbreaking and every day I know that with the help of Meryl, her guides and my own spirit team I am held and safe. 


I have so much more excitement and zest for life. And I will continue to work with Meryl as I grow and evolve. 


Thank you, Meryl. From the depths of my soul, I honour you for the work you do and I am so thankful every day that with your assistance I  have created such an incredible transformation for myself. 


T Prince -Auckland Oct. 21