Six Guided Deep Relaxations

written and narrated by Meryl Yvonne

Deep Relaxation Downloads

These six guided meditations written and narrated by Meryl Yvonne were specifically designed to assist people into deeper states of consciousness without falling asleep or wandering in their mind. Initially the practitioner experiences the Alpha brain wave pattern of pleasant relaxation. The deeper state of Theta usually happens moments before sleep. To stay conscious in deep meditation whilst experiencing Theta brain waves, the practitioner experiences spiritual connection, vivid visualisations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight.

Your aim is not to retreat from the world and spend your life in meditation, but with practice, to take the peace of your meditative state into your everyday activities, achieving greater balance, tolerance and love for others.

The original music and sound engineering by Roger Cunningham includes the use of traditional Maori instruments which gives these recordings a distinct Aotearoa flavour. This is a ‘World Class’ production.

The full set is our Gift to You.

Full CD Set

Full set of six meditations narrated and written by Meryl Yvonne plus the original music soundtrack by Rodger Cunningham.

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1. Beginners Guide

This recording is designed to focus the mind on relaxing the body through visualization and consciousness of the breath. It is important to note that this guided relaxation is not in itself meditation but begins to train the mind to slow its constant chatter to achieve a meditative state.

Your aim is not to retreat from the world and spend your life in meditation but with practice, to take the peace of your meditative state into your everyday activities achieving greater balance, tolerance and love for others.

2. Balance the five elements

Every cell in the body resonates or vibrates at a specific frequency. Depending on how you care for your body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually determines how many negative frequencies or toxins build up in the cells. The main things that create imbalance in the body are toxic substances we eat and drink, pollution we breathe, exposure to a negative energetic environment and how we process information in our thoughts and feelings. To care for ourselves spiritually through meditation, creating a higher frequency of energy flow to the cells of the body we lighten the load in all other areas physically, emotionally and mentally, which allows healing.

The five elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether or Space. The balance of the five elements is what allows the body to heal, radiate abundant vitality and health and ultimately to progress to spiritual awakening with longevity.

3. The key to manifestation and abundance

As energy comes through the body, rather than dissipating away from the body, your thoughts will more easily manifest matter. That’s another way of saying “your dreams come true”. What you focus your mind and heart’s desire on,  must manifest once your energy is present. This is the law of this dimension. What you choose to manifest is up to your free will. That which comes from the heart with a deep stillness will magnify and occur with greater speed and ease. To achieve this, the practitioner is ready to experience the slow brain waves of Theta. These are present during light sleep, including the dream state and deep states of meditation.

To experience Theta whilst conscious the practitioner experiences deep spiritual connection, vivid visualisations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight. Theta is the mental state whereby you consciously create your reality.

Theta brainwaves open the 3rd eye, the channel through which practitioners gain  illuminated wisdom. As you consciously enter this state of profound relaxation without falling asleep you will begin to experience an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing like a deep smile or bubbles of laughter rising from inside of you. The light you radiate through your being from this state is your key to manifesting your dreams and all that is required of you now, is clarity of mind, to know what it is that you want.

4. Balance the chakras

Over the next thousand years each and every one of us will awaken to the glory of our 5th dimensional solar light beings. We will see an end to ageing as we know it, disease, mental and emotional illness, poverty and limitation, pestilence, plagues, adverse weather conditions and all the suffering that we have come to believe is ‘normal’.

Meditation is the key to your personal transformation and awakening to the 5th dimensional light being you have always been. This is not a space that you can be guided to. You cannot achieve it by studying books or following a teacher/guru. It is the great journey within that you must take alone. No one has awoken to their Christ consciousness without taking this journey.

As you practice stilling the mind so that you may bathe in the peace within, the main energy wheels or Chakras can spin clockwise. They interlink to draw the prana or Source energy through the body bringing more and more sensitivity spiritually, emotionally and physically which ultimately leads to conscious awakening. The chakras can open and spin from half an inch to the size of cartwheels depending on the energy that can flow through the body which increases through the practice of meditation and your ability to love.

5. Invoking the violet flame for ascension

The flame of God perfection resides within the human heart. There are three flames: Blue (energy and power), Gold ( wisdom and illumination) and Pink (divine love). These combined make up the violet flame of your perfected I AM presence. The original plan when entering physical form was to draw from universal light substances, any form you desired through the power of the flame. You were never meant to be in a place of struggle or hardship. You could design food, clothing, shelter, temples or anything you desired or required. Your feelings energised the thought forms and manifestation took place instantly. When mankind no longer rested his attention on the God presence, but more on human creation, the flame became severely reduced in size.

What is referred to as the four lower bodies, are the Mental, the Emotional, the Etheric and the Physical. Only by cleansing the four lower bodies through the use of the violet flame can mankind attain mastery in the victory of his ascension into the light.

This meditation is designed to assist you to cleanse your lower bodies as you focus on the divine God presence within, which assists the growth of the violet flame. In this you make a direct contribution to ending all suffering and disease on planet earth.

6. Sounding to raise the frequency of energy

Every sound carries a frequency of energy and every frequency carries a colour. When you absorb sound and colour into the lower bodies, mental, emotional, etheric and physical the energy frequencies can cleanse these fields of clutter allowing easier access to peaceful thoughts and feelings and the release of past painful experiences from the etheric field. This assists the being to be in the joy of present time and ultimately to clear the path to accession into the higher frequency of 5th dimensional energy.

Every individual resonates with their own particular sound which is particularly healing and balancing for them. Listen for the sound that most resonates with you. Feel where each sound vibrates in your body.

The sounds and colours are most effective when the body in completely relaxed in meditation. This C.D assists you to a state of deep relaxation and Alpha brainwave pattern to deeper states of Theta brain waves as you absorb the frequencies of sound and colour for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and vibrant health.

The sounding performed by Meryl Yvonne is one voice. The combination of sounds are the harmonics off the note which work to open the energy field further. Regular use of this recording will assist the awakening of the pineal and pituitary glands essential for spiritual enlightenment.