To The Self
Allow the space Don’t refill it
Release possessions
Without repossessing
Step into the void
Without fear of the unknown
See what gifts emerge
From simplicity
Focus your sight through eyes of love And master acceptance of others In this there is true peace
Meryl Yvonne

Healing at Waimarama


involve non – invasive energy shifts spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with the understanding that a shift in one of these areas affects the whole.

  • Soft comfortable clothes required
  • Duration 2 – 3 hours
  • Cost $300 + GST
  • Sessions available with or without accommodation

Meryl Yvonne has a true gift for healing and has been dedicated to implementing this knowledge all of her life with some truly amazing and exceptional results.

Waimarama caters for people who require energy alignment, assitance with conception, historical injuries and trauma through to extensive spiritual clearing and treatment of more serious dis-eases. e.g. cancer, heart disease and mental health.

A session with  skillful and sensitive healer  Meryl Yvonne is highly recommended.

Further Information

Why align the energy centres of the body?

As a spiritual, electrical being that resides in physical form, not many of us are fully grounded in our bodies. This can range from dramatic disconnections often due to past traumas or an accumulation of ongoing emotional stress, to minor misalignments which prevent you from functioning at your highest potential.

Once your higher centres have a connection through the ‘bridge’ of the emotional centres your energy has the opportunity to flood the lower pelvic physical centres.

This assists you to

  • Realise your dreams.  Your thoughts can become reality.
  • Live in present time where joy resides.  Stress and anxiety connect to future time. Regrets, grief and resentments to the past. Theses imbalances directly affects your daily life experiences, emotional and physical health.
  • Enjoy physical wellbeing and abundant energy. Open energy centres after treatment feed the electrical pathways to every cell in the body. This is the fundamental reason that this process creates physical healing and a sense of wellbeing. All blockages that are removed from the energy field are permanent.


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